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    '07 VX Cruiser Starting Troubles

    Hey all,

    I was out on the water a week ago and stopped to take a swim, when I got back on my ski it wouldn't start. I waited a few minutes and it started. I brought it to my mechanic because it happened again when I tried to drive it on the trailer.

    He said my coils were bad and replaced them but didn't have a problem getting the ski to start, on land. I took it out and again the ski was clicking after it had been shut off but wouldn't start so I brought back to my mechanic and he couldn't get it to fail again.

    Today I was out on the water again, took a swim and turned the ski on, when I pushed the start button it turns over but doesn't start. Sometimes when I push it it will click and make a humming sound but nothing else. The battery was tested and the volts are 12.9 and the connections are clean so the battery doesn't seem to be the problem. Any suggestions?

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    This sounds like a battery issue(90%), loose connection(s)(9.5%) and/or possible starter(0.5%).
    Sorry about the coils, those were easily tested with ohm meter.
    Heat can help kill a battery just as cold in Wisconsin can. You state the battery was "tested" . Was it "load" tested?

    Remove the battery and take to your local auto store and have them test it (load tested) for free. The voltage can be OK but it might not take a load
    of turning over the engine. Also, starting the ski on the trailer will be less load then turning it over in the water. Ifthe battery is older than 4 or 5 yrs old, replace it.

    Check and clean all battery connections make sure they are tight.

    How long have you had the VX and how was it maintained before now?

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    New batt new plugs, replace the air filter with a R&d and use Marvel Mystery Oil in the fuel.

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