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    1994 SL750 burnt wiring

    Hello! New to the site and thank you in advance for the useful information.
    Bought a 1994 sl750 owner said it ran good until they out the battery in without putting the plastic cover on so some wires are melted. Not sure where to start here. Should I be thinking just replacing wires or finding a wiring harness? Any other unseen problems?


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    Welcome!! Lots of good starter information here:


    Sounds like the stator harness is fried. You will need to inspect it full length and replace the damaged wires. Then you will need to check the stator vallues:

    If they do not check out, replace the stator.

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    Thanks for the info! Looked at it closer and the wires that are burned come from the top of the black box and I think they run to the starter? Is it possible to buy this harness?

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    The ones coming from the side look just fine. If I take a picture how do I post so you can see what I am referring to?

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