I recently purchased this ski and am wanting to get it running before the end of summer. The story I got was that the previous owner put a new engine and ignition system in it, he used it for a short period of time and then had another problem on it and gave up. In going through the wiring (including stator wiring) it looks like it pretty much matches the 98 SLTX1050 wiring diagram with the exception that the LR-54 Limiter is still in the circuit. I have removed the MFD to keep it out of the equation. I also got no spark with the kill switch removed from the circuit. I have been following through the ignition system troubleshooting in the Polaris service manual. The resistance checks on the stator are all good. The only odd reading on the ignition coil (PVL part no. 4060153) is that the primary coil resistances are all reading about .1 or below. I am using a good Fluke meter that shows a lead resistance of .2 ohms. This resistance was removed from the .1 resistance reading. The manual states that this reading should be 0.35 ohms. This part looks new, so I want to confirm that it is bad before ordering. Can you let me know if I should be concerned about this coil reading? Also, what would cause a new coil to go bad so quickly and what other components could have been damaged due to this?
Thanks in advance for your help.