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    Error code P0340 won't errase

    Few weeks back, ski stopped and error code P0340 registered on cluster.
    Error code was "cam sensor error".
    So remove the valve cover and sure enough timing chain broke taking away 6 valves with it.
    So, fix all of that, found the reason the T. chain broke and took care of that as well.
    Now, I started the ski on the hose and again the code came up right away.
    Tried to clear it with Candoo pro, witch it said it did, but cluster says differently.
    Got the wrench light on a few second after waking up ski and the eng. light once ski is started.
    Checked error codes from cluster, P0340
    Checked again with Candoo, same error code is showing.

    So here's what tests I did.
    Checked with another CAPS sensor from 2006 speedster part # not the same but I'm thinking now they come with the O-ring so it's probably because of that.(could be wrong)
    Checked fuse, fuse OK
    Checked continuity between connector and ECM for the 2 wires going to it, checks OK.
    Checked 3rd wire if it's got 12V, it does.
    So, read some and although not Seadoo specific, found a few cars with same code for same function (cam sensor) some where saying to run the car and it should clear itself.
    So, did that, didn't seem like there's any problem with it, but it didn't clear the fault.
    Only thing I did notice is it's even harder then before to start the ski.
    It was always hard to turn, changed battery (Odyssey 925) and still the same so figured it's normal.
    But now, it's even harder to turn than before, don't know....
    Maybe the timing is off, that would explain the harder starts, but don't think it would give me a code because of it.
    Timing was done both cam&camshaft locked Allen bolt clockwise the most to align the top marks the most it could with top of head.

    Any suggestions?

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    Still wondering what's next to look for.
    I might have to trow the towel in and see the dealer but I hate doing that.
    No one as any ideas what next I could look at?

    Removed the air intake hose and tried to turn the engine to see it it wasn't mechanical, motor turns over easily.
    Opened the head cover and took a look in there, all seams OK.

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