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    Water in stator housing

    So I bought this 94 SL 650, did some work to it to get running and took it on the lake and it ran like a champ all day until the end of the day when it would bog out after giving it about half throttle. I took it home thinking it was the carbs when I noticed a noise coming from the stator / starter area only when the battery was connected...also strong electrical draw / spark when I hooked up the btry. I took the flywheel cover off and and hooked up the battery and I can see the flywheel barely clicking back and forth, disconnect the battery and it would stop. When I pulled the flywheel cover off some water also came out so I was thinking perhaps the water was shorting the stator out causing it bog out. It's been a few weeks now so I'm sure its dry in there by now and I have some yama-bond to seal up the cover and keep the water from getting it.

    What do you guys think, you think the water on the stator would cause it to bog out like that?

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    So the starter bendix is trying to engage the flywheel when the battery is hooked up, almost pulsing?

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    It's not coming from the starter, I disconnected the power from the starter and it was still doing it, I was assuming it was coming from the stator , however it seems to have stopped and I'm thinking its because it has dried out in there. Do you think that would cause the bog out?
    I'm sealing the cover on tonight and I'll give it a run this weekend and see how it does.

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    I suggest you do an ohm test of the stator coils. I suspect you have a short, open circuit or other damage to the stator charging coil, which has a direct connection to the battery.

    Do not simply seal up the flywheel housing. The problem needs to be fixed properly.

    My guess is that the flywheel needs to be removed, then remove the stator for visual inspection.

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