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Thread: Msx 150 issue

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    Msx 150 issue

    Hello everyone, new here

    just purchased a 2004 msx150

    replaced wear ring and it ran great, Did about 64mph on gauge and worked perfect.
    2nd time running check engine light came on and won't go over 45 and 5800-5900rpm.
    Took it home changed plugs cleaned map sensors double checked all connections. I also realized it was getting flooded with fuel. It would not start so I would have to unplug injectors and crank it for 30 seconds till it burned fuel to start.

    3rd time running won't get spark or fuel or start. But will crank.
    The hull is also collecting a lot of fuel. But I can't find a leak. Assuming it's from cranking and no start.

    Machine has 30 hours.

    Any suggestions?

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    First, find the fuel leak. No way fuel should be getting in the hull under any circumstances. Very dangerous!

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiPeRcO View Post
    First, find the fuel leak. No way fuel should be getting in the hull under any circumstances. Very dangerous!

    Will trace tonight, does anyone know fuses and their use?

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    Welcome to GH!
    Your speed of 64mph sounds good for a good running MSX150.

    The speed of 45mph and 5800-5900 max rpms... sounds exactly like I've seen when a hose has popped off and I get a big boost leak. That's all the faster the ski can go without it's boost. This won't, however, trip a code or cause the red light to flash... so something else is in play here too.

    How did you clean the MAP sensors? I've heard they don't react well to petroleum cleaners (gas, brake clean, etc.) . Was the MAP dirty or full of oily gunk?

    What do your plugs look like?

    The fuel leaking issue is a big deal. At no time should there be any fuel leaking into the engine compartment. Check the red fuel hoses. Check where the crimp clamps fasten the connectors... I've seen leaks there. Check the fuel rail... it's plastic and can be semi-easily cracked... which will leak. You can prime the fuel pump by putting in the lanyard and tapping the start button (don't start it). This will put fuel pressure in the fuel lines and you should then be able to find where it's leaking out.

    If you have a lot of fuel getting sprayed into your intake... I'd be concerned with it washing into the sump and thinning out your oil. See if your oil level is going up (gas in oil) and if it smells heavy of gas in your oil. Might want to change oil to be sure.

    Another thing... sounds like you've been cranking the engine a bunch. I bet your draining your battery. The engine needs a strong charged battery to start. Must have 10.6+ volts at the battery WHILE cranking for the ECU to power up the ignition system (spark and fuel pump). A weak battery will have enough juice to crank the engine, but not power up the ECU systems. Check your battery.

    Have you done a compression test yet? These Weber engines have lots of troubles stemming from poor compression. You might pull the valve cover and re-torque your head stud nuts to 60ft.lbs.... then put the valve cover back on and pull the plugs and do a compression test.

    Let us know what you find... and we'll keep pointing.


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    One more for the leak, check your fuel filter I had one that was corroded through.

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    Il, found the leak, (fuel filter).

    Ok so I washed down the hull to hr it all cleaned up from fuel and allowed the hull to air out all the smell of fuel. New battery cranks but no spark. All fuses, of the 9 I was able to find all were good. When I insert the lanyard nothing comes on. I actually have to hit the gauge button for them to come on. (Bad module?), I'm able to crank it by bypassing the starter solenoid and sending 12v directly to starter and all the electronics on the other end of the starter solenoid.

    So if if no power at gauges unless it's a bad power module, is there a way to bypass it to just start the ski?

    what else can cause no spark? I don't even hear the fuel pump like I use too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kosh View Post
    One more for the leak, check your fuel filter I had one that was corroded through.

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    I'm I need help again replaced the power module. Back up and running. As soon as I get high boost it cuts off at 4600rpm. So I can launch and go full throttle but will cut off second time around. Any ideas? Replaced the boost solenoid already

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    Fixed the leak. Fuel filter

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    Ok, so I replaced the fuel filter and fixed leak
    replaced power module and it now runs.
    After hitting high boost check engine comes on and won't go again over 4600rpm

    i did reace it with a small fuel filter. 1/3 of the size of original but same in and out size, do u think it effects the machine?

    thank you

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