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    2000 Polaris SLX 1200 stator install question

    Ive read around but haven't found the exact answer I'm looking for. Could you guys either share a link or help me answer my question?

    Its a 2000 Polaris slx 1200, I've diagnosed it and it needs a stator. I have all the parts I need and a complete gasket set just in case...

    My question is... What would be the best way to go about removing the old stator and installing the new one? I know my way around skis and I will pull the motor if it's the best way to do it. But could anyone here help me out and tell me if pulling the motor would be my best bet?

    thanks in advance

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    its tough to do in the hull,biggest hurdle is popping the flywheel loose and off,after that is not to bad.

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    I would pull the motor. Its not very hard to do on that ski. The domestic triples come out pretty easily.

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