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    1999 GTX LTD rattle

    i searched a fair bit on this, BUT all i can come up with is they rattle when idling.

    this one rattles under slight to high load.

    Its the bosses machine and wants me to look at it. he says the rattle is coming from rear of machine. any ideas on where to start my search?

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    First thing make sure the pto boot has enough grease in it. If the shaft moves quite a bit towards the pump end of the ski with one pump of the gun give it another and if the shaft is still moving back and compressing the driveline seal bellows maybe give it a third as it was probably bone dry.

    The spring and pusher in the pump cone in conjunction with the shaft end bumpers aren't going to do much for you if the boot isn't greased annually.

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    I just pulled a 951 DI apart yesterday with a rattle. Has a bad mag rod bearing. I pulled the pump and driveshaft then fired it back up to confirm rattle was in engine.

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    thanks guys!

    boss was a little misleading on the noise it made. was more a grinding. turns out the last people that worked on it, didn't put oil in the pump...... needless to say its costing him a fair bit of coin.

    i'm now trying to get the new impeller shaft in, and it wont go into the first bearing.
    anyone have possible reasons for this? the bearing went in "Okay".

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