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    Lesson Learned

    Spot on with Sea Foam and it not being a cure all in a can.

    Every thread I read said the same thing after a few responses:
    1. Do fuel lines
    2. Rebuild carbs

    In the end I needed to address my fuel lines and rebuild the carbs as well.
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    I also found a blockage in one of the ports of my fuel separator. There was a bunch of broken plastic pieces in the cylinder mesh screen inside, which I removed, thus clearing the blocked passage. I also replaced the large o-ring that connects the bowl and the top.

    When I got to my fuel selector I remembered the thread about them failing and how to rebuild one I decided to check out mine. And I found a sheared o-ring.

    I am ashamed that I was taking every shortcut I could to not do "the work" and try for magic in a can to solve my bogging problems....All the Sea Foam in the world wouldn't have helped with my ski.
    Actually I feel lucky I didn't blow my engine.

    Thanks to this site I was able to get it all done. The ski runs alot better than it did. I'm not doing a 200ft chugging wheelie until it kicks in and goes.
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