So I am the original owner of a 1996 SLTX. Within the first year of ownership I installed a longer ride plate, bigger wedge, high compression domes and Delta reeds. Since that time always have run 93 octane gas and used Polaris Gold synthetic oil. Other than rebuilding the carbs once or twice, it has run flawless for 20 years. Hours should be over 400 by now. This weekend it was having trouble cranking and running at idle and sounded odd.

I pulled the seat off and found a pin hole leak in the incoming water line from the pump right where the hose attaches to the pipe.

Checked compression. Cyl 3 had 150 PSI, cyl 2 had 120 PSI, CYL 1 around 30 PSI. I pulled the domes off 1 and 2. Piston 1 has a couple of spots where the piston edges broke off and of course fragments embedded into piston and domes. Cyl 2 looks like the perimeter of the piston is burnt, like a lean condition. All plugs are nice brown color.

Have not had time to dig further yet in the engine. Did a cursory search here for common issues with the 1050 and I am sure there is plenty, but did not readily see anything. Hard to see how the pin hole water leak caused this but who knows.

Can't decide if I am going to fix or buy the local 2000 SLX with a no start issue and use all my electronics on it. Would like some thoughts from gurus on common issues with these motors so I don't repeat the problem.

Not too terribly upset as 20 years of service with no issues is pretty good.