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    Domestic twin 700 no oil in line???

    Recently rebuilt the top end and changed all hoses and clamps. Ski starts right up and idles, great throttle response. I haven't been able to run it for more than a few seconds because there is no oil getting to the carb for some reason. I used clear line for this exact reason. The oil is making its way to the pump and it makes it about 2/3 up to the carb and stops. There is about an inch of empty line just before the carb. I have bled the pump. Help please! All hose and clamps are tight!

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    Are you running premix in the tank right now? If you are, then pull the oil line and start the motor. If not, squirt some oil down the carb throat before starting it up. With a new top end, you should be running some premix in the tank with the oil injection to help break in. When the oil comes to the end of the line you can put it back on the carb. .

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    Not running premix, but do throw a pinch of 2 cycl oil into the cyls. My question is why is the oil not reaching the carb? Do i need to bleed the line coming from the pump the carb also?

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