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    GTX seems to be having cavitation issue?

    My wife 07 gtx seems to be running real well but around 25 mph it seems to stop pulling briefly then pull good seems to sound ok but something just doest seem right and it doesn't sound the same..last year we got a rock caught in prop..dinged it up pretty good and wear ring..replaced wear ring and it seemed ok...any idea's on what or where to start?

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    when I sucked a rock up I ruined the wear ring and impeller I would start with both

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    If your impeller is dinged up it will need to be repaired, or replaced.

    Being your ski is an 07 if the carbon seal has never been replaced I would definitely replace the carbon seal related parts and the bellow.

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    Would I need to replace the carbon seal and bellow if it only has 70 hrs on it? Just gathering info before ordering parts..going to pull impeller when we get home tomorrow.

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