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    Trouble shooting

    Here's my situation. I have a 1996 Yamaha 1100 triple Wave Raider. The machine has performed phenomenal for the past 19 years, and engine still runs strong. The maneuverability is amazing due to it's light weight synonymous with a 2 stroke. Over the weekend it was running a bit rough, therefore changed out the spark plus, and boom.....back to top speed working order reaching top speeds of 69mph. About an hour later it started developing some problems. Runs like a dream and steady at 45-50 mph, but when you give it full throttle to attain top speeds, it will initially provide additional thrust for the first 3-4 seconds then it bogs down and wants to die. If i keep it full throttle it will die, but if I release it completely, it will recover and keep running without dying. It's almost as if too much fuel is being dumped flooding it out, therefore suspect a fuel injector issue. It only happens at full or near full throttle. Perhaps it's an electrical problem? Not sure. Another problem is my 2000 Yamaha 1200 GPR. Things used to run at top of speeds approaching 70mph. Lately, when you first start it up (first start of the day) it accelerates with nice power until it hits about 60mph, then it's almost as if the speed regulator is kicking in prematurely and decelerating the machine back down to a steady 52mph. Wondering if the speed regulator is malfunctioning. 52 mph top speed isn't going to get it. It also seems to have lost power coming out of the hole. Used to be able to pull any size skier or wake boarder up on the water no problem at all, but it's struggling to do so now. I tried to take both machines into our local dealership who deals in Yamaha, and they told me they won't work on 2-strokes anymore (despite the fact I bough them from that about lame customer service). Called a couple other dealers and am running into the same problem where they won't work on 2-strokes. Is anyone aware of a a highly skilled 2-stroke mechanic in MINNESOTA? Any leads would be greatly appreciated.

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    Possibly fuel pump not keeping up.

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