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    Arrow Charged battery, now the ski runs.. Where is the voltage regulator ? Going to test---

    The current at battery while I crank it, see where it falls off to. Is the regulator in the cdi box or on the front of the engine in the cover ? I have ruled out the coil being bad. What else to check now ? And how/what wires do i test on the harness to see if the stator is bad ?

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    The LR module is inside the electric box and is the voltage regulator. You are now saying you got the ski to start? The first thing to check with any Polaris red motor is battery voltage while cranking when you have a no spark condition. It must be over 10.6 volts while cranking or you will get no spark. This is why we only recommend the Deka AGM batteries in these machines. It is plenty strong to fire the motor consistently.

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    I found the issue after a few tests. The battery is a AGM battery.. Cranking volts only drop to 13.5 while starting the ski, then jump back up right where they need to be 14.1-14.6.. That eliminates the stator/rectifier.. It has spark.. That takes out the coil from being bad.. After inspecting the battery I came to notice the ground post is loose going into the battery.Took the ski out for a ride. Bam after a few seconds or so of running mid to half throttle it dies the same way.. Pull the seat, mess with the ground on the battery post, Viola ski fires right back up.. To be sure I do this 2 more times, same thing, dies, mess with wire on battery it starts. So that battery post has almost made me bash this ski up with a bat. LOL. Going to see if they will give me a new battery since this one is or has been become defective. And yes I see that the rectifier would be in the CDI box. So a little relief to say the least..

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