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    Question 1997 SLT780 Battery Draw

    Just purchased and everything was working fine, including brand new battery, with the exception of bad throttle cable which I repaired. Now, all of a sudden, something is drawing the battery completely dead, and there is arching when I hook up the battery (neg cable) which indicates there is a draw in the machine. I checked the MFD as it no longer works, and my first thought was that could be the draw. The MFD has been previously disconnected.

    If I charge the battery and reinstall, it starts fine, but after riding and stopping, the battery is completely drained again. Any ideas on where to begin?

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    Open up the electrical box and inspect all of the connections. They should be clean, rust free, and firmly in place.

    If the MFD is not working, unplug it from the system and see what happens. It is possible for it to short internally and place a drain on the battery.

    You can use a multimeter to measure the current draw on the battery while removing components. As you disconnect components, when the load disappears, you found the bad component.

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