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    96 sl780 carb settings

    It runs like a champ again after another stator change, it has a little hesitation off idle, how do I adjust the low circuits on the carbs?

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    Using the T shaped needles down low on the carbs. Try adding choke during the hesitation. If it gets better, open the needles. If it gets worse, close them. Adjust them all the same amount.

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    It's definitely lean on fuel at bottom end. Are these the little screws on the side of the carbs pointing to the front with caps only allowing them to turn so far?

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    Yes and No. The low speed mixture screws have a 'T' head, are on the forward facing side of each carb down low, but have no restricting caps.

    The high speed mixture screws have the plastic caps that only allow limited movement. Pry the caps off and it's a single slotted head. These adjusters are on the rear facing side of the carbs up high.


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