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Thread: Fly Board!

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    I'd really like to try this one day

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    I'd really like to try this one day
    You should definitely give it a shot! I had the opportunity to try out Jacks last weekend and it was an incredible experience!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Hulk View Post
    I'd really like to try this one day
    Jerry, Come fly with me next summer in Ohio! Would love to meet you in person!

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    If anyone is interested I'm a distributor for Flydive X Board.Om currently selling flight kits for $3,299.00 with free shipping anywhere on the 48 contiguous states.You can find me on or p.m. me for details and set-up .....I've been doing this for over a year now and I can tell you it's very addicting.Nothimg compares when you're flying like Ironman and the amount of attention is crazy.People stop all the time to take videos and pics and always ask questions.If you're interested in becoming a flight centrr ask me how.Email me at

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    I have 2 set up, both dual impellers, one 215hp and one 255hp. I traded kx450f's for one and just bought another set up to be able to have a buddy. I love it, might buy another 450 tho!

    Jerry you get ready I'm right out side of Birmingham, al at Logan Martin, I believe I am the only one with one on this lake, ill put you in the air!

    Both of mine are Flyboard brand with EMK's, I have a Flytronics but have not hooked it up yet.

    It never gets boring!

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