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    Hi temp paint for head cover and SC?

    The head cover and supercharger in my '04 GTX 185 are peeling quite a bit. Will hi temp paint work well as long as they are prepped properly? How about ceramic coating on SC? Any gains by doing this?

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    Take it in to a place that does powder coating

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    Any of those high temp paints at the parts store will work. The wrinkle black looks good on the valve cover

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    We use VHT paint , best here ..

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    Thats my biggest problem with seadoos..I've owned several models from several years and the paint comes off of most of them! Dont know why they cant fix that???...drives me crazy as I'm pretty anal about keeping the engine area "clean"... I've mentioned this to dealers and their reply was "all skis do that, yamahas, kawis, etc" hmmm, dont think so Yes, i'm a salt water user and spray regularly with brp spray.

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