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    Issue of rev limit mode of 3k upon acclerating- possibly air flow in or exhaust out

    I have 2 skis with the same issue.
    14 310r stock aqua x race ski 40 hours w/15 ecu
    13 300x completely stock immaculate condition 100 hours

    after units get hot and ran for 10 min something is causing them to have a rev limit mode where it wont accelerate and only rev to 3k.
    Im hearing a different tone from the motor when this happens. Its either air flow like the pressure regulator valve closes or the exhaust is being blocked because there is a significant difference from it running right and this issue. The guage doesnt show any codes and kds has no stored fault codes.
    Ive changed the pressure reg. Valve on the i/c and still having problem. Kawasaki tech line suggested inspecting exhaust for a bad exhaust hose or fuel pressure.
    On the 310r it has a new s/c, i/c, bov's, intake manifold w/ all the injectors and sensors,new waterboxes, new exhaust filter.
    Would fuel pressure cause this sort of problem?
    Any other ideas before i start another goose chase?

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    exhaust filter, or blocked fuel filter i would lean more to fuel since both are doing it. everyone i have checked has been blocked theres a huge window between a good one and bad 175mls to 88mls at 3 sec prime.

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    Thanks. I will check the fuel pressure tomorrow. I dont understand how that would make it go into limit mode of 3k and why i can hear a significant change in the sound of the motor like the s/c stops or exhaust being blocked

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    how do you know its going into limit mode there are no codes? if its as simple as that remove the i/c check all hoses check the s/c, check the bypass and relief valves, check the exhaust for a blocked filter, many replace them without finding them when infact they are jammed in the baffles.

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    I have replaced the exh filter on the 300x. The old one was still in one piece.
    My 310r has a new s/c, i/c, bov's, complete intake manifold w sensors, waterboxes, exh hoses,.
    Its definately a limit mode. Only revs to 3k & occurs when its warmed up and i can hear something like the air flow through the pressure reg stops or exhaust is closed.
    There is no codes on either skis or stored on kds. Anyone have a belt tensioner cause this issue?

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    The ski sounds deeper ? You Sure its not
    running on a miss ? Coil, wires , plugs? Mine sounded clearly different when it was missing. Sounded deeper , not like a normal miss though.

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