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    Nikasil or insert ?

    I am completely rebuilding the engine on my ultra 150 with crank, new rods and wiseco pistons, ada head etc. As the cylinders need to be bored to suit the pistons, I just can't decide whether to use new inserts for the cylinders or have them re nikasil'd. Replating is more expensive than liners and I believe offer better performance but with what I'm spending so far, cost is almost a non-issue On the other hand, money saved here is money towards an advent cdi

    What is the general consensus - nikasil or insert ?
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    Everyone will tell you that nicasil is a better performing cylinder, but I've owned a 15F, and an STX-R with sleeved cylinders and I couldn't tell the difference. I like the option of being able to bore the cylinder if you scar the bore. I have also sent a 15F cylinder to millennium technologies for replating. they had to do some welding to it and the final bill was close to $800.

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    If your going to ask nikasil all the way. Look at what your putting together, why cheap out on a major component. Only sleeves i have seen are made by sbt, and agh sbt and ultra150 do not mix.

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    If cost is no issue, why not just by stock cylinder's and pistons and rings? Then no worry if the bore is right to the pistons, or if the Naskil is done right.
    Group K used to do sleeves, on there BB kits, I have over 100 hrs on it and no issues. but if your rebuilding stock, just get stock.

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    Stay with nickasil and wsm or stock pistons. I wouldnt spend the extra money on wiseco pistons. Btw what was wrong with your original crank?

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    I bought the ski as a bit of a project and the engine was already in parts, having previously cooked the rings. I found that the crank was a bit noisey on a couple of bearings so thought now was the time for a full rebuild. I'm happy enough with the wiseco pistons because I got a crazy deal so saved $$'s there.

    It's all been a nice learning curve as it's been a while since I played with 2 stroke engine building & tuning.

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