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    considering a ride plate......

    i have a 2015 kawasaki stx 15f.. im considering a ride plate. ive read up on here and it seems like it wont effect the warranty(i think) but what about getting insurance? i dont have insurance yet but when i filled out the form for a quote it asked about any mods to make it go faster?????

    also what exactly can i expect from the ride plate? i know top speed will go up a bit. but what exactly will change in the handling dept. thats really what im looking to improve?

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    Have you found a ride plate? I have a 2014 and it seems like there is pretty much no aftermarket available.

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    Yeah goodluck on finding a rideplate R&D stopped several years ago and most places sold out.

    If you want to change handling look into sponsons I think those you can still find.

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    A ride plate and sponsons will improve handling. I should not affect insurance rates.

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