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    310R Turbo Kawi for Sale

    I'm going to post this over on this Forum as well to get more eyes on it. I'm going to sell my 310R Turbo built my Mr. R&D himself, Bill Chapin. This set up is pretty much the same set up as what Craig Warner just won LB2Cat on. I will post this wright up about this ski below that was tested during last years World Finals. As much as I would like to say I can ride 2 skis at the same time, I can't. There is no need to have 2 Turbo skis sitting around as I have a Turbo FZR as well. I ride in flat water, so I'm going to give up my 310R. It has about 40hr on the ski, 15hr of that is with the Turbo set up. PM me with any questions or pricing and pass the word around. Thanks!

    Here is a Link to my Ski's info!

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    You selling the kit and going back stock or the whole skis for sale as is?

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    The turbo is included and all the other goodies that were installed as well. This ski will be ready to be a top runner on any offshore race.

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    Also, I would like to mention that my Ski has all the latest upgrades to the Turbo system, ECU and other parts that have not been mentioned or released as of yet. All of these items and the Turbo will be revealed at the World Finals this year.

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    We took it out today again in Havasu for some more testing(always want to improve) we were running 79 with every pass with 79.3 top speed. This is NOT all about top speed, from start to finish the ski rocks off the bottom, pulls very hard through mid range till it tops out. We are very impressed with how we have it running, with a Turbo Reflash on stock internals. Several people are interested in the Ski, pm me if you would like to chat about it.

    91 Oct Pump gas Union 76
    8300 RPM
    16 Pounds of Boost
    Stock Injectors
    Stock Engine
    Stock 310 Fuel Pressure
    R&D 255 Fuel Pump
    650+ elevation
    Well over 100 deg

    Click image for larger version. 

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