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Thread: Saying hi!

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    Saying hi!

    I posted this in the open discussion but since I'm going green, I should have just started here.

    Just wanted to stop in and introduce myself. At 52, just getting back into the ski scene. Last ski I had was an ultra 150 (can ya tell it's been a

    Some me of you may remember me back in the day when I started Jetfest back in 2000. We held it for a few years and though it was pretty popular, it was too much to deal with too many whiny bitches so I stopped and think someone else carried it for the 4th and 5th year.

    I recently bought an older GTX for my daughters to play on when we're on the lake with the pontoon boat but after riding it, I'm thinking its time to buy another ski.

    Though I have a 310R coming in, honestly, with all the bells and whistles, I almost bought another Ultra 150. My last one ran 72.6 with minor mods consistently and was a blast to play with. I'm sure the acceleration isn't as hard as the 310 but it is give and take.

    Ive spent the last few weeks reading up on what's current and Kawasaki keeps bringing me back. Though I am a speed junkie, I love to flop the ski around and my concern is an ultra 150 was easy and the new 1000 pound ski may not be so

    Anyway, thought I'd stop in and introduce myself, hope to pick up on any tricks.



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    Welcome, Orangecrush!

    I've got an Ultra 150 and have the same concerns. I can see the day when you won't be able to get vital parts for the 150. However, there is a guy that recently put a 4-stroke in his Ultra 150. Sounds like it may be a good conversion.

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    I cant see the days coming where you cant get the cylinders replated or a crank rebult for you, crank cases on the other hand :/

    Just pick up an ultra150 also, you cant beat that ski. The size is perfect and the ski is built very well.

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    Howdy. Lol 310R is a smoking machine. Lotsa fun.

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