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Thread: Richie Sharpe

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    Richie Sharpe

    Man I'll tell you something, the guy knows his ****!
    I had the engine apart on my 785 looking for a water leak at the head gasket, but could find anything.
    I contacted Richie and sent him some pics.
    The response was that there was a promblem in the bottom end bearings,
    so I'm thinking Richie's looking to sell some work!
    Not true I decided to pull his bluff, I pulled the whole engine down and guess what, the bearing next to the rod for center cyl was toast.
    What can I say don't second guess a PRO!!!
    I am now packing up the crank to send off to Sharpe's.

    Thanks Richie
    Time was worth the effort and you saved me money I would have lost putting a piston, gasket and such to have it come apart again.

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    I'll second that. There's no comparison trying to PM and e-mail him, as opposed to talking to him. He is very knowledgable and very forthcoming with the free info. You'll talk to him thinking you have everything figured out, and then he'll really make you think.


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    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyA View Post
    and then he'll really make you think.

    He is a blessing to the board.
    Feed the Cow!!!

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    Damn you guys, quit talking to Richie, he has an engine and now a head/cover assembly to finish for me. After that he's all yours.

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