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    Question 2001 Yamaha XLT 1200 PV engine install help please..

    I am new to this forum and have been reading non stop for past few months bout doing an engine swap on 01 XLT 1200pv due to the fact that i have never taken on a project of this size and depth. I am pretty mechanical and have always loved playing with engines so i know i can do it. Im hoping that i can list some random questions that i may have as i go along because i am very OCD with not being able to move on unless things have come together perfectly. I find i drive myself crazy with trying to learn and retain every possible tiny detail that there may be
    So i have taken the old engine out and labeled and tagged all of the wires still in ski. I have done a carb rebuild on all 3 carbs with mikuni rebuild kits and tested pop off in which all were right at 80-82psi, installed oil block off (so i will now run pre mix), D- plate install. I am now ready to install SBT engine. I have dropped engine in and have replaced reeds with new ones.
    My 1st question is after i put in reed boxes, should i use any type of sealant or gasket maker when installing manifold plate over reed boxes? If so, which side of plate should sealant/gasket maker be applied I plan on putting loc-tite on every bolt as i install. Also, how important are torque specs as long as i know i tightened enough? I tend to really wanna crank the bolts in very tight. How important is Loc-tite. Also i know that this model came with tamper proof caps over the H & L needles but whoever had this ski before me drilled only the H needle cap and the L needle tamper proof cap is still intact. i have read that about 1-⅛ out is the correct setting for H needle with stock flame arrestor/air box still in tact.
    Also, since the carbs were already apart i decided to replace the fuel lines. Is there any type of sealant that i should add to the connections at fuel line ends on carbs to make a better seal aside from using hose clamps?
    i will post other questions that i may have as i go along with the full install this week. I want to have this done by the end of the week. If anyone has any random input or helpful hints please feel free to post or message me. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    Just a few tips...
    1. I have used Yamaha Bond 4 (Motorports) on both sides of reed valves. It is a flexible sealant and easy to remove. I also use it on the carb plate. Some people do not use anything so it is a preference.
    2. Torque specs are important. The bolts are many times installed into aluminum. You are in for a bad day when you strip one out (not if you strip one out)
    3. You should always pressure test an engine before installation.
    4 You can find info on how to do just about anything on here. Do a search and read to your hearts content. Many helpful waverunner junkies on here.

    Good luck...and have fun!

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    take the carbs back apart and correct the problems. 80 to 82 psi for pop-off is wrong. look up in the how to section for the sticky's on carbs. more specifically find the Oside Bill sticky's on the carbs. i just finished an xlt (wife's ski) and followed Oside Bill's recipe. the results were awesome as I had no additional tuning to do and she runs like a wet cat.

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