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    Review - Fly Racing Evolution Gloves

    Fly Racing - Evolution Gloves
    Size: 3x
    Color: Florescent Orange/Black

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Let me start off by saying these ARE orange. The pictures may not do them justice in the color department. I like orange hence why I ordered them but damn they are bright. This is not a negative by any means so if you order a pair with bright colors expect them to be LOUD.

    Ok so my first impression is I like them. They look mean on the top and nice grippy feel on the fingers and palm. The stitching looks good and I hope it holds up better than my pair of Slippery gloves they replaced. On a side note I emailed Slippery when I saw the stitching let go and never heard anything back from them on if they had any kind of warranty. Not cool Slippery not cool.

    On to how they fit. Even being a 3x size it took a little doing to get them over the wide part of my hand. You know the part even with your thumb so I do hope the stitching holds. They do have a pull tab under the Velcro so that will help. Now once they are on they feel really good. The thumb and middle finger are just a tad to long but I feel had I gone with a 2x they would have been to small. Maybe once they get wet and dry they will shrink a bit. The breathable mesh on the top is nice and the rubber guards along the fingers are a nice touch.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    At the wrist is where I am not to happy with them. They are longer up or down the arm (however you look at it) than my previous gloves and that will just take some getting used to. I do wish the encloser around the wrist area was a little bit bigger in diameter. When you look at it you almost think you cant hook the velcro but you can and yes it's tight. I have to say this part of the glove is my least favorite but like anything new they will take some getting used to.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Overall I really dig these and cant wait to put them to use on the water. Out of a perfect 10 I would give these an 8.

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    Thanks for the review. Im looking to get a pair to replace my current phantoms that ripped. How are they holding up?

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    Thanks for your review. I to am in the hunt for some new gloves and was looking at the slipperys product line , I will check out flys stuff

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