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    New Purchase concerns


    New to the forum and Jetski ownership.
    Found what I believe to be a good deal on a Jetski from a Seadoo Dealer Yesterday and put a deposit down to secure while I have a good think.
    Ski is a 2011 RXT-X 260 with 36 hours on the clock.
    Jetski's were traded as a pair with the other one doing 17 hours and sold the same day.
    I believe having low hours is good,but too low can me the ski sitting idle and bearings seizing up.
    The 17 hour Jetski had to have its pump replaced and some other work to the value of $3000au
    I've been advised that the 36 hour one didn't require a new pump, but has work done to bring it up to sale quality.
    I did have a look in the engine bay and as you expect for 36 hours its quite clean.
    The only concern I had in the engine bay is the engine block, the paint on the block looked like it was comming away.
    now i'm not sure if this is a normal thing to happen to new ski's over time/usage.
    Another concern is that the jetski dealership houses their ski's outside and at the time of inspecting there was a pool of water( given it had rained that day)
    I've been advised they clean them/pump them regularly, but it may have been sitting this way for up to a week( as i visited the previous week and the ski hadn't been traded in)
    The ski comes with second hand trailer, 1 Year club marine waranty and 2 free jackets thrown in, the price being reasonable and cheaper with all the bundled gear than local add's.
    The Seadoo Dealer is quite a large one and the salesman seemed genuine.
    Am I taking an unnecessary risk here with this sale?
    Oh and Am I purchasing the right ski, my partner and I plan to use the ski as an all rounder, with mainly touring and towing.



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    Welcome to the GH

    your correct 36H is a low hour ski
    yes its a big ski but very comfortable for two
    paint flaking is normal for a salt water ski that was not cleaned well after use
    it should be a good choice for a first ski
    it is a ski capable of almost 70 mph/ 112 kph
    so its no spark (toy)
    just take your time learning how it handles

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    Thanks Chris, so you think its ok even with the Aluminium oxidizing?
    Is it likely to cause issues down the track you think? seemed only minor and where water may have pooled.

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    all the salt water guys rinse off the salt after use
    makes good sense, some even spray on a protector after
    if you search on here you will find some very corroded engines

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