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    Sand in 750 engine help?

    I picked up a very cheap xi super sport 750 that been salvage from the lake bed. During a storm it broke loose from the lift and sunk. Sand went thru the carbs and into the reed valves. Im assuming its in the bottom end also. I was told the engine was not ran after this.

    Is there any cheap or easy way to remove any sand that might be in the bottom end? Should I try and flush the motor with diesel, kerosene, gas, oil...?

    It's not worth it for me to take this into ashop have the cases split, replace the bearings, etc

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    I hope that it was REAL cheap because it's really not worth fixing. In addition to the carbs needing to be overhauled, you'll have to pull the entire fuel system out and flush it. The ignition box on that isn't really waterproof, either. It's probably full of corrosion by now. Then we get to the expensive stuff. Crank bearings start to rust after a day or so. This is your biggest problem, not sand. You can flush out the sand, just be careful not to turn the crankshaft until you flush it. Rust in the bearings won't show up as a problem right away, but after a few hours of running it a rod bearing will let go and it will seize or you'll have a rod sticking out the side of the block.

    If you can do all the work yourself, you'll probably spend upwards of $1500 to fix a 'Ski that will be worth about $700.


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    Lot of ski's in that condition around here (Lake St. Clair Michigan) we had a bad storm about a month ago that washed a lot of skis away. (my RXP too but it was ok) but many people had ski's sunk, filled with sand and water, or totally destroyed from 12 hrs of wall and rock bashing.
    As Steve says, unless you got it for free, it was to expensive, and is going to cost a lot to make reliable again.

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