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    strange aquatrax problem.

    I am having a strange problem with a 2003 f12x.
    If I insert the key press the start button. Gauges power up and ski will start. However if I leave the key in place after turning engine off and allow the gauges to power down with the key in. They will not power back up. Only way I can gat any power back to the ski is remove the 30 amp fuse and put it back in.
    So my question is how are tge gauges woken up.
    Is it the main relay, gauges or ecu.
    Normal operation after the gauges power down with the key in is to press the stop button.
    Any help appreciated

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    If you leave the lanyard plugged, after a couple of seconds, the guages will shut down. To turn it on again, press the red off button once. No need to disconnect anything.

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    Cheers for the reply. I know exactly how it should work. But that is the exact problem. When I shuts down with the lanyard in it will not power back up with the stop button or even if I remove the lanyard and try that way. Only way to get it to power on again is remove and insert the 30a fuse.
    Main relay is simply that just 2 simple relays in 1 block. I suspect a bad ground is my problem or the ecu.
    Have tried it with a spare set of gauges I have and still problem is ther

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    Check your lanyard switch. Sometimes, they go bad with time. If you had a bad ground, the ski will not power up at all. Could also be low battery voltage. Voltage meter is your best friend for those skies.

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    I know these honda inside out at this stage but not seen or heard of this problem before. Little more diagnostic work needed I think

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