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    2006 rxp 215 WOT loud rattle

    Hey guy's new to the forum. I've had a search and couldn't find any similar problems.
    Last week I purchased a 2006 rxp 215 with 200hrs on it. I took it out for the first time today just for a test ride. The problem I'm having and is abit concerning is at top speed and WOT sometimes I'm hearing a loud noticeable rattle. It sounds like something loose and high rpm and speed its rattling. If you back of to 3/4 throttle then back onto full throttle the rattle disappears for a few seconds. This is only happening and high speed. Hits the limiter fine no rattles while not moving fast. Just abit worried it could be knock. No error code tones Any advice would be apriciated.

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    I had a similar issue with my last RXP. I was thinking it may have been a bad pump bearing, or engine knock, or even the SC touching down so I checked out all of those possibilities and found no issues.
    This will sound silly, but I finally determined that the sound was wind going through all the crazy plastic trim parts on the front.
    I initially thought it was a WOT issue but it was actually related to speed. anything over 30mph and it made the noise like clockwork.

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