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    Ultra 250x problem?

    Just bought a ultra 250x, took it out on the water for the first time today and the thing is stuffed!
    It wouldn't rev over 3500rpm and wouldn't go over 10km/h.

    anyidea what the problem is?

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    Seized sc

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    Quote Originally Posted by nicjak View Post
    Seized sc
    thanks ill look into that, i changed the plugs yesterday but it didnt do much but help it sound a little better on idle

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    took it to the place i bought it from and they cant a find a problem with it? what do i do? because i know for a fact it doesnt even run so i dont know how they can say that they cant find anything wrong with it

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    where are you?

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    From bungled SC to partially blocked IC. Check the battery too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by winterstick View Post
    where are you?
    im from south east melbourne

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    your name Tony?

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    Sounds like charger problem or engine damage. was it a big shop you got it from?

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