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    97 Seadoo GTI wear ring after 40 hrs

    I am experiencing cavitation under heavy load which I attribute to the damaged portion of the wear ring. What does normal wear ring wear and tear look like? I have read that it is normal for the sides to show wear while the top and bottom are virtually untouched. Is this because of deflection in the plastic pump? The Impellor still looks like new with no signs of any damage. I have a new driveshaft (original bent by tangled rope), New carbon ring, replaced pump bearings and shaft. Impellor is a Skat Trak swirl 16/21.

    The stock wear rings are fitting much looser than before. The ring does not slip but didn't require much effort to pull out of the pump housing. Time do drill the pump housing and screw the next liner down? I am thinking of trying a SBT Delrin ring as a replacement or possibly a stainless steel hybrid. Sand, small branches, and weeds are what I encounter. I simply don't like how performance degrades with OEM rings.

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    I've used a couple of the WSM 140mm stainless rings on ski's that run a shallow rocky river back and forth between canoe and kayak portages keeping an eye on people and they see really hard use by different riders as of course that's the job everyone wants for the day versus shlepping canoes on and off the truck.

    I was getting two weeks tops out of OEM wear rings on those ski's before, these have run hard all season so far and I just did a pump oil change on one this week and the liner looks pretty good still for the difference in price I think there's real value in them for people that can benefit from getting through a whole season or more without having to get back into the pump until winter service time.

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    Is it normal for the wear ring to develop the oval wear pattern? If you look the sides show equal wear from the impeller making contact but the top & bottom show no signs of wear. My concern with a stainless liner is metal to metal contact in a similar fashion as the OEM liner.

    I live very close to the lake and will probably put over 100 hours on the Seadoo this season. Its easy to Re-Re the pump and change the ring but to maintain maximum hole shot for pulling a wake boarder I don't want to do this 3 - 4 times a season. In British Columbia OEM rings are $78 after taxes. Aftermarket rings have to be ordered from the USA or Ontario and work out to about $50 each.

    I might try the SBT Delrin ring again. The first time I used one we had just purchased the Seadoo and didn't know it had a slightly bent shaft. The ring wore out in 8hrs. I remember it fit very tightly around the impeller much tighter than OEM. I simply don't like the rubber coating on OEM rings as it seems that any impellor scuffing will undermine performance. I am reasoning Delrin would allow the Impellor to wear a normal groove pattern and maintain its performance.

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