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Thread: idling issue

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    idling issue

    I have a 96 xp that doesn't idle well in the water. It runs great no bogs or hesitation but it doesn't like to idle. throttle response is quick it just needs almost 2000 rpm in the water to be stable. The LS screws were at 1 turn and I leaned it down a strong 1/4 with very little change. the POP is at 28-30 lbs. I felt it was rich so I leaned it out and it didn't seem to help. Any suggestions on what to do is appreciated.


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    Open those carbs up and pressure check the o-ring on the seat, you should be running black 80 gram springs with 1.5 NS and popping right at 38 psi. tune one full turn out on the low side.

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    I assume then that increasing the pop will lean out the idle. The o ring on the seat isn't leaking and it doesn't flood from sitting. Thanks I will order new springs and try it.

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    Are you sure the idle is adjusted correctly on the carbs?

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    1 turn was already lean on the lows. They generally need to be 1.25-1.5 out on the '96 XP.

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