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    New to the forum….and the 310

    Traded in my beautiful red ultra 250 for an ultra 310 SE a couple weeks ago. New ski feels nice and strong. I have about 4 hours on it so far and its been a blast. I have read mixed opinions about break in…I just followed the manual then rode it like I stole it after the 95 minute break in. I've been reading about the SCOM some and it seems the best 'bang for the buck' if you like top end, and I do. Earlier forums discussed issues with the SCOM and 2015 ECU hopefully thats been worked out.

    If you guys were to spend 1k in upgrades, what would it be? I only ride on big lakes in NC...

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    Welcome, I have the same year, model, and color.

    Your upgrades for 1K should be this.....

    R&D Ride Plate
    R&D intake grate - assuming you only ride on glass and mild chop. Do not change stock intake grate if you ride moderate to heavy chop.
    Candoo GPS module
    Wastegate block off plate - or simply tighten the stock wastegate so it doesn't open or leak (some say it still leaks)

    DONE! Ride it!

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    Get the ride plate don't bother with the grate.

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    My RIVA SCOM worked with my 2014 ECU and my 2015 ECU FYI. 70-71 in the heat, 72-73 in the cold.

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    Are you also wanting to boost acceleration or handling as well? Or just after top end? Also, do you ride in smooth or rough water?

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    Thanks guys and girls, awesome forum. I see moderate chop on some of the big lakes but mostly ride in smooth and mild chop. I don't want to sacrifice handling for top end/acceleration but I'm not interested in improving handing at this point. Thats hard for me to say when Ive spent many thousands on my track and street bikes suspension but the ski doesn't really leave me wanting more in the way of handling….SCOM has been ordered
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    Congrats on the new ski brother, I just bought the same exact one last Saturday! LOVE IT!!!

    Thanks for asking these questions, I needed the answers myself!

    I'm at about 4 hours myself- one thing I've noticed. It seems to fall off (power wise) around 60mph... is that an ECU issue? I bought a 2015 specifically to avoid the dreaded ECU problem. I haven't gone full throttle on it yet- but I've hit 3/4 whilst in 'break-in mode'. I figured it would pull like a monster until it hit 67mph, but that doesn't feel like it's the case.

    Sorry for the highjack JRM!

    Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys!

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