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    Cool Dreaming...a polaris powered standup....A conversion ski nightmare?

    So in my recent purchases I now have the all the necessary parts to have a 800 di motor swap, wiring harness, extra sensors, emm, display, pretty much everything and more. So I was thinking it might be fun to put the 800DI in a Kawasaki 300sx body.

    I would love other people's input, I have never done a motor swap/upgrade but I'm not afraid. What all is involved? Are there some obvious issues that I am overlooking?

    thanks, off to work world for the day.


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    Several issues-
    I run a power valve 950 (777 bottom end) in a Krash Foot Rocket. Polaris engines are bigger than Yamaha and kawi engines. Can you put a Polaris twin in a standup? Yes. But choose wisely. 300sx is a pretty small ski, right...? The Octane is a big standup and the engine is tight in there.
    Second issue is the DI part. From my seadoo DI experience, they don't like water ingestion, and you need to expect that your engine will swallow some water in a standup!
    So you can get a lot of power by running a Polaris twin, but you need to do it right, which basically means don't be cheap. Certain aftermarket hulls will definitely be easier than others, too, because you need to relocate the engine mounts from what was setup for a Yamaha or kawi.
    If you have more questions, let me know.

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    what will you do for a pipe?not gonna get the di or carbed one in there.and seeing as how the emm is mapped for a certain pipe,theres another problem.
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    thanks for the feedback, I'm very interested in any overly-fast stand-up ski project, I don't really NEED to do the DI or even a Polaris motor. I also don't plan to be cheap but i want to be economical. I want to do most everything myself and avoid paying exuberant costs for crazy custom pieces. I would like to do this for under 5 grand. please let me know if this is possible. I plan to look at the 300sx tomorrow. I know it is a very small hull but its also a very small price and gets me a good running ski and a decent base. If i decide to go in a different direction then I am fairly sure I can unload it at the beginning of next season.
    I think 5 grand is a good budget, obviously one could spend whatever he wanted but I think its enough.

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    Using a Ficht direct injection engine in a stand up hull has multiple potential issues. Ficht engines must retain the oil injection, which means not only retaining the oil pump but also the oil tank. And keeping it all leak free despite the antics of a stand up.

    On the plus side the two cylinder Virage i engine has direct oil feeds to the main bearings front and rear.

    The Ficht injectors stand tall on the engine and need a bit of clearance to allow for engine vibration and engine mount flex.

    The EMM needs water cooling and a sturdy mount as it is not light weight. This is in addition to the electrical box, if you use a pre-2002 Ficht (Virage i) wire harness.

    The Ficht system is open loop, the EMM does not compensate for changes in engine breathing. A different exhaust pipe may create lean or rich conditions at various RPM and throttle combinations. Ficht DI is different from Seadoo DI.

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    I have a ready to ride super jet with all the typical bolt-ons (head, B-Pipe, prop, handle pole, carbs, foot holds, surf reinforced, etc) for about $4k and 200 miles from you...
    Whatever you do, don't start with a 300sx. They appeal to folks who want to do flat water back flips on the cheap, but it just turns into more work, and those people usually give up and buy a newer aftermarket hull.
    And the typical trend is to put Yamaha engines into Octanes, not Octane engines into other hulls (except for me)...

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