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Thread: Rxpx 260 help

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    Rxpx 260 help

    Sorry post is so long
    Hey guys I have a 2012 rxpx 260. Have a little dilemma I'm hopin u guys can help me with. I bought the ski new in 2012 but barely used it since. Only has 19 hours on it. I have never seen the 68 mph top speed on it. Most it's ever done is like 55 56 mph at wide open throttle on near glass. Dealer said it will open up more when its fully broken in so that's wat I always choked it up to. Anyway It sat winterized for the last two seasons due to personal reasons and So I go to take it out finally last week and it was running really rough and wouldn't go over 40 mph. It clearly wasn't running on all cylinders. I changed plugs it didn't help so I called my dealer where I usually bring it and they recommended me to another place so they can actually water test it. I dropped it off there and long story short it ended up needing new injectors. All covered under best warranty so no big deal, $50 deductible plus tax done deal. Here's where the dilemma comes in. The girl calls me yesterday afternoon and tells me it's good to go come pick it up tomorrow since they were closing soon, ok cool. A Little while later the guy calls me and says she was wrong it's not ready. when they water tested it after replacing the injectors they realized it needs a new impeller and ring and he said its gonna cost $700 cuz it's not covered under warranty. He said its from suckin up rocks which has happened so I can't really argue much there. I told him let me think about it. I'm supposed to call him today and let him know to order parts or not. So here's my questions. Should it cost that much to replace oem impeller and ware ring? Idk exactly how much the parts cost but 700 seems excessive to me especially for oem parts. Which brings me to my next question. Should I go with oem replacement parts or am I better off upgrading to something better? Suggestions? And also I watched a YouTube video of replacing the impeller on a rxtx 260 which I assume is the same as the rxpx, doesn't seem that hard. Is it recommended as a diy job? Or am I best off just payin up the 700 letting them fix it so I know it's right and should finally hit that 68 mph? Thanks in advance for any help and again sorry this was so long.
    heres pics
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    Same fuel sat in your tank for 2 seasons? You can buy a new Solas prop and ring for around $375+ and do the job yourself with basic tools. There are How-To videos for removing IBR etc. if your prop and ring is trashed. Need some pics of your prop and ring so we can see the damage they speak of. Make sure you or them put fresh 91-93 octane in it asap.

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    Yea it sat with same gas in it, wasn't much tho and since I had it professionally winterized at my dealer I assumed it would be safe, figured they treated the fuel with something. But I already ran two tanks of 91 through it before bringing it in...I don't know wat kinda damage it has he just says it needs to be replaced. He said from sucking up rocks which it has done so I can't argue with that. Idk how much the oem parts are or wat average labor is but 700 just seems like a lot especially for sum thin I can prob do myself

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    Welcome to the GH
    as little as you ride it
    just ride it like it is
    make sure its running correct
    it should go past 8000 for a few seconds and come back and stay at 8000
    you cant use the speedo
    if it is running good then consider repairing the prop
    its not that hard of a job but the first time can be intimating
    you will need a service manual for the IBR

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    Thanks for the welcome. I was planning on putting a lot of hours this summer finally. I just bought a boat to go with it so tryin to have fun just need to get it running right now.

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    you can do it yourself save your cash! Not to mention who knows if they are telling the truth...

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    I think I agree with you guys. I should just go pick it up ride it and see how it is before investing anymore money.
    So worst case scenario and I have to replace it should I go oem or aftermarket? I did a lil research on it and impellers seem really confusing. And also I don't wanna void the warranty. I mean idc personally just don't want it to brKe and them be like oh we can't do nothin cuz of those parts u put on

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    I'd either do it yourself or ask the dealer if they do it if they can also drain your fuel for you and check the alignment of the motor, at least you'll get something out of them beyond the wear ring and prop. $700 isn't out of this world crazy since the parts will run around $400. Doing it yourself will still run you around a good $400 when you consider the tools you'll need to buy and then your time.

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    If they are indeed closing like you said,I wouldn't have them touch it anymore. Who will warranty their work ?? Do it yourself if it needs to be done.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sturm215 View Post
    If they are indeed closing like you said,I wouldn't have them touch it anymore. Who will warranty their work ?? Do it yourself if it needs to be done.
    Meant closing for the day sorry for mix up

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