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    1998 Sea Doo GS won't start

    I bought this ski a couple of years ago and used it very little. You've always had to jiggle the key a little to get it started. This year on the first time out my wife hit a wake and it died, I had to tow her in. So this is what I've done, one replaced the post, and 2nd replaced the MPEM (aftermarket that kills the security system). Using a multi meter I can open and close both the kill post and start button before it hits the MPEM. However I get no reading after the MPEM. Also the power is coming into the MPEM and the fuse in the MPEM. I can jump the solenoid, not that it matters because the start button doesn't make it that far. Is there a sensor or something going on that would kill the start button in the MPEM? This is going to drive me nuts. PLEASE HELP


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    If you're still having issues let me know those are easy modules to bench test and the harness/wiring only has a couple functions to get you to the point where the MPEM should be cranking the engine.

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