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    Oil gauge on a 2001 ultra

    Hey everyone first off thanks so much for all the help over my past few posts you guys are awesome. My 01 ultra oil meter on my dash never goes down from full. So either the oil in there is reproducing which I don't think I have the luck for that or the sending unit went bad. Are they hard to change out? Does this sound like a resonable explains as too why it doesn't go down? And also what brand oil do you guys use. I have been using quicksilvers 2 stroke direct injection oil. Seems pretty good but always up to hear about better products. Lastly, I am running premix as I just had my engine rebuilt can I use the direct injection oil in my fuel to max premix or should I just use regular 2 stroke oil? Thanks again

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    How many hours are you riding before checking the oil level again. Mine ski's don't use very much oil at all. Most times I can ride all weekend and add just a touch of oil. As for what type of oil to use that has been a long debate. I will give you my two cents. I have had Mobil engineers test the Quicksilver and the Penzoil brand oil. These are only two I mention as there were several tested. What we discovered is this if the oil says TCW3 then they are all equal and passed the same tests. There are even occasions that the more expensive oils are the exact same from the same manufacturer just different labels.

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    That's a very interesting test to be done. The quicksilver direct inject does say exceeds tcw3 standards. I guess I'll run with that. The place that rebuilt my engine stated I should premix my gas and oil for my first two tank fulls. Can I premix with direct inject oil or only standard 2 stroke oil? I check my oil maybe every three hours. I don't get out often and usually only spend 1-2 hrs riding. The guy before me filled the ski with oil so far it came out the fill neck. I was thinking maybe the floats got stuck therefore causing a full reading all the time. What do you think?

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    The oil level gauge on the Ultra 150 is a joke. The 3 bars on the gauge indicate full, almost empty, and completely empty. The tank holds a little over a gallon, so you should get about 3 tanks of gas for each tank of oil. Use a Sharpie to mark the level of oil in your tank at the start of the day so you can track consumption.

    You can use TC-W3 oil in your gasoline, mix it 50:1 in addition to the oil injection. I spent 10 hours breaking my Ultra in.

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    That's a great idea Steve. Anyone ever change the oil sending unit?

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    Due to the shape of the tank, the gauge will not move off the full mark until its gone down almost 2/3 of its capacity. The tank is smaller then spreads out over the top of the fuel tank, the sender is in the deep part, but that's the last place the oil level will move.
    So before you go replacing it, be sure its actually bad.
    Mark your level and see if it goes down, if the tank is full, it will move down very very slow. Once you see it about 1 inch below the top from the engine side, then you should see your gauge move off of full.

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    I have an extra oil sending unit, if your interested drop me a pm. Like steve said the indicator is a joke, i always drop 32 ounces between rides into the tank.

    I run amsoil intercepter, lost top end i took apart was spotless and looked new.

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    I took my sending unit out tonight and moved the floats and watched the gauge it seems to work. My ski seems to to use very very little oil is that normal? Also is it okay to use two different oil. What I mean is I had oil in my tank and when I proved the sending unit worked I just added more but if a different brand both are tc-w3 and synthetic. Also i filled it up way too much it's actually in the full tube almost to the top is that a problem?

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    That's fine. Just be careful if you accidentally overflow it. Oil will drip down under the decorative side panel and eventually pool up under the foot pad, causing it to peel up.

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