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    What happens if you don't tighten the PTO coupler?

    Just a question what happens if you forget to torque the PTO coupler?

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    I don't usually torque the PTO coupler... just put it on as snug as I can (greased threads). That is to say, I don't do the rope trick to lock the crank so I can wrench it on.

    The coupler threads are such that it's self tightening when working against the jetpump under load (in the water)... so it'll tighten itself and stay tight. Now if you put it on loose (or didn't tighten)... and zing'ed the motor without load on the jetpump (say on the trailer)... it's possible the engine reving down working against the resistance of the jetpump's momentum could try to unscrew the coupler. There are probably other ways this could happen too.


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