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    2000 Polaris genesis 1200 PWC won't turn over, just a single click.

    Any ideas on what I can check or replace to get this working again? I replaced the solenoid but same issue still occurs. Bypassed the LR-505 module and tried to jump the solenoid and nothing happened.

    It ran fine early this summer until it was shut off in the middle of the lake. Then all it would do is click once when the start button was pushed. The adult driving was in over 100ft of water when he shut it off to bs with a friend on the other PWC and it hasn't started since.

    This is a 1200 cc 3 cylinder engine with the ficht fuel injection. The engine is red. The battery is brand new as of a month ago. I swapped it out with another brand new battery and the same issue is occurring. The display says unlocked and has over 12 volts for a reading.

    Any help or questions would be appreciated.



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    The first thing I would do is check to see if the motor is seized.

    Remove the driveshaft coupler cover, it's a black plastic piece that covers the coupler on the end of the crankshaft, it is held on by one hose clamp. Once that's loose just spin it to the side so you have enough room to get a pipe wrench in there or a pair of channel locks.

    grab hold of the coupler and see if the engine will spin, if it spins then most likely your starter is no good if you tried to jumper start it and also bypass the button and a new solenoid.

    If if the motor won't budge then my next step would be to pull the jetpump assembly out along with the drive shaft, it sounds like a big job but can be done in 15 minutes. There are tons of tutorials on here to help you out and as well as in the service manual. Once you got the driveshaft out, try to spin the motor again, if it still won't move then it would point towards a siezed engine. You will then have to take the top end and potentially pull the motor to see what's going on

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    Thanks for the reply. I will give this a shot and get back to you.

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