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    95 750 xi will not start unless chokes fully closed

    A little back story.... Started right up at the beginning of the year and was running like crap due to dirty carbs. Took them off, cleaned and rebuilt (pump too), checked pop off pressure(34psi both carbs). Now it will not start unless I pour a little fuel down the carbs or the chokes are closed and the low speed adjusters are out 2-1/4 turns. It will start after cranking for 10-15 secs and run for a few moments then die. I can keep it running a little with the choke but not much longer. I pulled of the fuel line going from one carb to the other and there is fuel pumping out while cranking. I don't have any fuel coming out of the return back to the tank when cranking tho. All of my testing has been done with the air box completely re-assembled. Fuel tank seems to vent properly. Any ideas where to go from here?

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    Welcome aboard,Tucompac!

    Have you looked at the screens on the fuel tank pickups?

    Do you still have the drain valve on the crankcase? They can leak and cause a lean condition. Good idea to block it off.

    Have you inspected/replaced the oil lines? They get brittle with age and crack.

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    Thanks for tips, but I already have the crankcase blocked off and the oil lines are good. Still stumped.

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