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    Red face Help needed to buy a used tuned ECU for 2012 RXT-X RS 260 HP.

    Heard a lot about people who has send their ECU for tuning and get it back messed up. Need a valid guy.
    Anyone who knows a place where I can buy a tuned ECU. Ok, if it is a used stock tuned ECU. Would be great if I could get 2 programmable lanyards included.
    I need it shipped to Denmark. Do not want to buy a new Riva ECU due to my economy.

    So hope there is some guys who can help.

    Have a great summer.

    Mr. Speedster.

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    Really? No one?

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    im not sure im entirely following what you are trying to do? Do you want to flash your ski?

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    Can you buy a ecu from ebay and then send it to be tuned

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    Vtech tuner and your sorted for less than an ecu

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    hello, if you want I can help you with ECU rxp rxp, I can reprogram your or get one from me, I can give it to you in version stock or mod 8400 8600 rpm obviously no speed limit and + 15% injection advance etc etc, if you want I can give you also the key dess, I am in Italy

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