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    What jet ski to get

    I am having a hard time picking out what jet ski to get. This would be my first jet ski. I want one that I can tool around on but also be able to have someone else with me if I just want to cruise. I'm looking to spend no more than $8500.


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    sea or lake?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alan1967 View Post
    sea or lake?


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    if you plan on pulling a tube, most places have laws saying that you must have a 3 seater to tow
    you should be able to get a nice 215hp ski in that price range
    the skis with IBR are nice to drive, but there reliability is not as high as the skis with out IBR

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    What's the story with IBR and can you get rid of it if it starts giving you problems?

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    no your stuck with it
    its a expensive (over $1000) all in one gizmo
    dont get me wrong, when it works its sweet
    I dont know the actual failure rate, on here you here it a lot
    no one posts that theirs still
    I replaces the rollers on mine and its made it past 50hours... knock on wood

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    If you're new to riding, I would recommend one with IBR or the similar setup on the Yamahas. Makes docking much easier and I believe lessens the chance of running into something.

    My IBR has had no real issues (there's a very slight "pull" on the engine RPM's, but I think that's due to old plugs or coils).

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    I have had 'zero' issues with the iBR on my GTR.
    love the feature.

    you could get a new SPARK for that money.

    any of the SC'd skis will have a BIG fuel appetite. My GTR will burn 16gal/hr at WOT... and its only a 215hp ski. The 260's are slightly higher...

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    Should be able to get a year old, but new, Kaw STX for that.

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