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Thread: GoPro mounts

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    GoPro mounts

    How does everyone mount their GoPros on their skis? Is there one area that is more steady than others?

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    hahahaha, ya mount them where you think you'll get good video.

    I use either the sticky mounts, or the 'chesty'.
    The sticky mounts work awesome, I have never had one fail.
    I do, however, always tether the camera, just in case.
    I use a very hi-tech device for tethering - a shoe-lace.

    Others here successfully use the suction cup mount, or helmet mounts, and selfie-stix...

    I, personally, have put a sticky mount all the way out on the nose of my ski, then pushed it through ocean waves - no fail. I have put them on the baxk of the ski, the sides, just about anywhere - all good.

    just tether them, and all is good.

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    I use the suction cup mount. Where ever you mount it,it has to be solid or you'll end up with a video looking like someone with Parkinson shot it.

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    sticky mounts are the most common and like it has already been mentioned....tether it. i have used the head strap mount as well but that can get in the way it you wear anything bigger than sunglasses. my go to point was a sticky mount right above the gauge pod on the GTR but being that its plastic i do get a lot of vibration noise in the video. that can be turned down when editing but if you are able to mount it on the hull itself and use one of the noseplugs aka the white dohicky that attaches to a thumbscrew you will get solid video with only minor extra sounds from vibration. head strap/chesty will eliminate that all together.

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    That 3m sticky flat mounts always worked never failed,even if you forget to tether it but always should..

    They make slightly curved mounts for those surfaces too,and the chest harness is great to ride with and walk around with..

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    These guys make some killer stuff too.....

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    I used a sticky mount and put a stainless steel 1/4 inch
    bolt through it. I was riding with someone who had the suction cup mount get knocked off by a wave. I wasn't taking any chances.

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