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    2004 RXP super charger TQ numbers

    Hello every one....
    Much to my surprise when I went to put my super charger back together today I discovered I am missing page 205 out of my shop manual.....UGH..!!!!....Can some one tell me the Torque spec for the cap nut on the impeller side.?...And also the Torque for the bolts holding the housing half's together
    This is the first time i have put a rebuild kit in and I am wondering if your supposed to use some sort of sealer when putting the housing back together...??
    Thank You

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    Found the online manual...Thanks for looking

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    22 ft/lbs on the impeller nut. 89 in/lbs on the cover bolts with blue loctite. Use black silicone to seal the halfs, use it sparingly.

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    22lbs/ft on nut
    use loctite 5910 on housing
    on the bolts 89lbs/in

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