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    1st time owner gp1200 quirks

    hey guys this is my first time posting and my first ski. i have picked up a 99 gp1200 with around 40 hours on it from an old guy who barely rode it. anyway this ski was running great and then the other day it started acting up. i got it back to the dock and found the hull full of water up to the gas tank mounts. finally tracked the leak down at the black rubber boot. will having a water leak there cause a runability issue? it starts right up and runs good but it shakes pretty hard right off idle and before i found the leak it would cruise up to about 55 and then fall back down like it was having a issue. i also changed the plugs with the same type that were in it. i gapped them at .024 but i guess after what i have been looking at thats a little too small of a gap?

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    have you check compression ?

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