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    Angry Trouble detatching exhaust pipe from engine

    Hey all Im removing a 4 tec supercharged from my seadoo and Im having trouble getting the exhaust pipe off the engine so I can get to the last engine mount . I already unscrewed the connecting clip and according to the diagrams ive seen it should be able to pop off now, BUT IT WONT BUDGE. I dont want to force it to avoid damaging an $850 metal pipe... Should I put a piece of wood upto it and give it a couple whacks with a rubber mallet? heres a picture for reference. RED = exhaust pipe BLUE = clamp I loosenedClick image for larger version. 

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    If you're sure you got that clamp loosend enough there's nothing else holding the jpipe to the exhaust manifold.

    The jpipe slides over the exhaust manifold and the two flanges come together and are clamped.

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    Give it a couple whacks, it should break loose.

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    thanks got it, just wanted to make sure I wouldn't break it

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