I had done the fuel selector switch bypass on my 2000 GP1200R because my switch crapped out, and it was too corroded to remove. Well in this SWFL heat & sun, I learned the hard way that the fuel tank either needs to be vented or the fuel line needs an inline shutoff in order to keep the engine from flooding due to thermal expansion. (I did get the ski started eventually but it was not fun by any means) So after looking into the solutions, I did not like the idea of unscrewing the gas cap to vent every so often or even leaving it slightly unscrewed (on the off chance that the ski capsizes due to a wave etc etc.). So, I decided to build an inline fuel shutoff so I can keep the engine from flooding while I am anchored up at the beach. Obviously I will have to vent the tank before turning the fuel back on, but thats no biggie. So this is what I built:

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It is very basic. Its is a 1/8" ball valve, with two 1/8" MPT x 1/4" ID barb fittings. I had these parts readily available (I work in Plumbing Supply), but you can order them online (Ebay etc.) or I also saw the barb fittings for like $1.99 a piece at Rural King the other day (love that store lol) But, the 1/8" ball valve may be a bit harder to track down. I feed my carbs from the Reserve line, so i ran from that thru the valve setup, then back on to the fuel filter with a new short section of 1/4in line (I replaced the filter while I was doing fuel line work). I use the original ON line to feed my primer (which I rarely use anyways) I decided the best place to secure it was the fuel tank strap, so it would be secure, but cushioned during riding. I just zip tied it into place.