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    Impellers on a 2001 Yamaha LS2000???

    i am hearing mixed answers to whether my Yamaha LS2000 OEM impellers have a specific pitch to them and whether there are specific sides for each. I tried and other sites but I can't find anyone that sells the OEM impellers to help determine whether the port/starboard use the same part number.

    I am trying to determine whether the refurbished impellers that I got through SBT are side specific. SBT is telling me that this was only the case in 2004+. I know that aftermarket sola's and others use pitches but does anyone know for sure about the original, OEM's on this year boat???

    Thank you

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    they use the same impeller both sides.

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    Stock they are the an upgrade Group K changes the pitch from left to right to correct the asymmetric pump loading and make the boat perform and track better.

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