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Thread: GP1300R bogging

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    GP1300R bogging

    2004 model
    OK I have this ski, and it bogs on trailer...never had in sure its worse.

    Idles great, starts easy. Stab throttle, bogs....slowly roll on and it will rev.

    fresh 87 octane non eth
    new plugs
    125 psi on all 3
    fuel pump running
    PV motor cycles

    only code is like 45 or 48, having to do with stepping motor

    Need some help from the one else has been any help so came here.

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    Glad to see you're here instead of PWC of yesterday. All GPR 1300's bog on the trailer when you stab the throttle. Its normal as long as it runs well in the water. No load on the pump makes "traction control" and the rev limiter very sensitive. As far as the codes, test ride it in the water and see if the code comes back. Make sure your battery is good.

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